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Why it's a good idea to concider Crisis Cover from AIG

Almost any crisis can turn the company into front page news. Without appropriate handling, damage to life and property may result and the company's hard-earned reputation and bottom line are likely to suffer. Management is under a spotlight during a crisis and the decisions they take in the early days of a crisis can determine whether the company emerges stronger or goes into decline. Even when it survives, shareholder and investor confidence in the management team can be greatly reduced or, perhaps, destroyed.

Although many companies believe that they have the resources to manage a crisis, very few are equipped to handle the breadth of issues that arise in a complex business environment.

Crisis Containment is an entirely new approach in value-added services and gives access to professional crisis management experts to protect you company’s revenue and reputation before, during and after a crisis. Companies have access to a wide panel of carefully selected professional services experts who can advise and manage the response. Additionally this reduces the need to hold large contingency funds to cover the considerable costs of handling unforeseen and unpredictable events. The Participant can appoint relevant experts from the panel members in the knowledge that fees and expenses will be covered by Crisis Containment.

Re-imbursement of Crisis Consultants costs and extra expenses incurred during the containment period (up to 30 days) following:

  • Sudden death, impairment or departure of a senior executive '

  • Wrongful detention or kidnapping

  • Loss of patent, trademark or copyright or major customer or contract

  • Government or regulatory investigation or litigation

  • Restatement of financial statements or negative earnings or sales announcement

  • Hostile take-over

  • Insolvency filing for a Subsidiary

  • Workplace violence or injury

  • Man-made disasters

  • Sudden and accidental injury to groups of 10 or more people

  • Damage or destruction of a group of properties

  • Product or service boycott

  • Product recall

  • Strikes

  • Fraud investigation

  • Property damage extortion

  • Computer hacking

Cover Exclusions

  • Events affecting the Participants industry

  • Illegal acts of Directors or deliberate violation of regulations

  • War

  • Nuclear reaction or contamination